Organization Development Services

Recruitment & retention strategies are closely linked when it comes to successful talent management. James Cooper Consulting Organization Development Services supports clients with the search and placement of high value candidates in positions, and/or the creation and implementation of retention strategies that lead to growth and healthy organizational culture for employer/employee satisfaction and success.

Our retention strategy support focuses on three pillars:

Creation and Implementation of Employee Learning & Development Plans

Culture and Belonging Climate Assessments/Evaluations

Management Leadership Training

Rather than looking at Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices as a separate service offering, James Cooper Consulting focuses on the integration of DEI within all components of our Organization Development service offerings. Our guarantee to our clients is that DEI will be placed at the forefront of every dialogue and the work we do, no matter the service.

We specialize in a framework that values the uniqueness of each organization's environment and mission. We empower clients with resources needed to successfully implement planned change.

Let’s Build Excellence Together!


With a belief that there is no such thing as an “exhausted diverse search pool”, through a cultural wealth lens, we work closely with clients to not only find qualified candidates but candidates that reflect the diversity of the local community and U.S. population. Look no further when your goal is to create a team that focuses on the importance of diverse representation.

Learning & Development

Research has found a common obstacle of employee retention to be learning & development (GROWTH) opportunities within organizations. Recognizing this, James Cooper Consulting works closely with clients to deliver customizable individual and/or group learning & development plans that focus on creating long-term growth and success pathways for all employees within an organization.

Culture and Belonging Climate Assessment/Evaluation

As inclusion practices within the workforce continues to evolve, there now becomes a strong focus on creating an environment where diverse employees are able to be present as their authentic selves and thrive in safe spaces centered around healthy culture and belonging. James Cooper Consulting works with clients to assess and evaluate their culture and belonging climate and create positive change strategies as needed.

Management Leadership Training

As the work environment continues to diversify and the needs of employees change, now more than ever, it is crucial that managers develop the leadership skills needed to support the talent of their teams. James Cooper Consulting offers personalized leadership training both at executive and middle management levels. Our training includes personalized one on one consultations, single or multi organization facilitated group workshops or retreats.